Journal Software Simplified

Version 1.1.2

Creates a timeless, readable folder of memories

Other diary software keeps your diary in some unique format which makes difficult to read or access when the software is gone. People are stuck with their particular journal system, or have to struggle with tricky imports/exports.

Journee keeps your memories in the most universally accessible way possible: a folder full of (ISO 8601 format) dated text files.

Clean, modern interface

Often other journal applications suffer from awkward or unpleasant user interfaces.

Journee is built with modern web technologies using Electon and Bootstrap, so you will have a nice, clean, distraction-free interface on any device.

Fully Free and Open Source

Journee is licensed under the Apache License so it's free to use and change.

The source is available on Github and contributions are most certainly welcome.

Download for your Platform

Version 1.1.2